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FitVisor (The First Robotic Spotting Machine)


Get Assistance when you need it

The fitsvisor enables you to do freeweight exercises safely without the need of a training partner or personal trainer. Trainers can also focus on the more important aspects of a lift like exercise form without the friction of getting up close and personal to spot a client on their lifts. Great Benchmarking tool
Know exactly how much you’re lifting, the fitvisor has an AIO (all in one) console with a user interface which allows users to correctly configure safety bar positions (starting position, max height, minimum height). Users lifts are captured and saved for performance review, enabling trainers to set goals for their clients and also enabling users to benchmark themselves and test new boundaries safely.
Key exercises
Complete popular exercises with an accuarate safety spotter, such as the DEADLIFT, BENCH PRESS, SHOULDER PRESS and the SQUAT
Futuristic UX (User Experience)
Robotic voice counts reps, notifies user of any events (change user, change exercise, configuration completion, exercise completion).
Active Safety Bar
Active safety bar lowers to get out of the users way, enabling free movement freeweight exercises. Rest weight on active safety bar when assistance is needed and continue exercise as normal, enabling you to max out your reps even after the point of failure.


FitVisor Mini

Intuitive Cable Machine

The Fitvisor Mini is the first cable machine of its kind, the weight is preselected on our intuitive touch console and various data is collected based on the users performance. It is customisable with various attachments to target desired muscle. See video below

Fitvisor XIM

Fitvisor XIM