We get asked all the time, what makes a smart gym smart and how will it help me get results quicker?

There are 3 key areas that set us apart from a standard gym:

  1. Safety
  2. Assistance
  3. Information

1) Safety

Our technology is self spotting which makes our equipment incredibly safe. You no longer need to rely on someone “spotting” you and making sure you don’t get stuck when you’re doing your squats or bench press.

This means you can train any time and any exercise with confidence you will be safe.

The easiest way to understand the power of our equipment is with a video. Check out Adam walking you through a squat in our power rack plus.

2) Assistance

Hitting a plateau is inevitable. You get stuck on the same weight for weeks but how do you break through to go a little heavier?

Our power racks as well as all our resistance machines allow for assisted reps.

What does this mean?

You start your set with 20kg’s resistance and your target is 12 reps, but after 8 you’re too fatigued to be able to push the weight on your own. Our machine can recognise this and give you the extra assistance to continue on the last 4 reps. This helps you to get that little bit extra effort to your working muscles and help you progress to the next weight quicker.

3) Information

How do I know what weight you should be lifting to get stronger, more toned or whatever your goal is?

Our machines allow you to take a simple test you can do as many times as you like which will measure your current strength and then give you target reps, sets, and the weight you should be lifting.

Tap on with your swipe card and see what you’ve listed in your previous workouts, and then watch the automatic rep counter give you live feedback on your sets whilst using the equipment.

This allows you to train more efficiently and get your results faster.