Gym floor multistation

About Us

Strive fitness is the latest fitness club concept that brings together experiences to cater to all fitness levels.

If you are a beginner at the gym, expect to find smart equipment that is easy to use and track your workouts.

Finding solo workouts unmotivating? join in on our range of fitness classes including yoga, bootcamp, cycling, reformer pilates and more.

Are you an advanced or experienced gym goer? Expect to find heavy dumbells up to 60kg, olympic barbells, bumper plates and tri-grip freeweights, 9 dedicated areas to do squats, deadlift platforms and more. You can also use our smart equipment to get an adaptive workout, that means our machines can spot you and change the resistance automatically based on your 1RM. 


We're a Smart Gym

Ronfic Fitvisor

The Ronfic Fitvisor is the world's first robotic power rack, what does this mean for you? You can push yourself with peace of mind and added safety. The electronic safety bars can spot you up to 350kg. The fitvisor can be used for barbell squats, bench press, deadlift and shoulder press

Fitvisor Mini +

The fitvisor mini + offers the latest technology in a multifunctional cable machine. Resistance can be adapted to each individual users strengths. Weights can be selected for positive loading and negative loading, resistance type can be changed to normal weights, hydro resistance, controlled speed, vibration and negative loading.

Smart Module

Our smart modules look similar to your typical pin loaded weights equipment however boasts a built in touch screen. Members can quickly and easily select their desired weight load, weights can be tracked and the equipment can automatically determine if you need assistance. Once assistance kicks in the load will drop to a suitable weight to complete your sets.