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Foundation members unlock our premium membership at no extra cost, this includes unlimited class access (Reformer Pilates, Yoga, Bootcamp, Boxing, Cycle and more!). Normal price is 27.99pw so grab this sweet deal while it lasts!
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Why Join Strive Fitness?

World Class Fitness Experience

We're making gyms smarter, making gyms easier for the novice with fully guided workouts and providing real time data and assistance to the experienced gym goer.

Designed with aesthetics in mind

We know mood can sometimes be the difference between rocking up to the gym or heading home after a long days work. That's why we've invested in building a facility that is aesthetically pleasing, ensuring positive vibes and a great gym culture.

The Home of Group Fitness!

We will be offering access to 4 dedicated spaces to group fitness, plus a HUGE Gym floor, all with 24/7 Access

1. Crossfit - Bootcamp - HIIT ZONES - BOXING

2. Reformer Pilates

3. YOGA - ZUMBA - PUMP+ more


Wellness & Recovery

A first class wellness experience awaits you, including INFRARED SAUNAS, Float therapy including both float pods and pools, Cryotherapy and Massage.

Foundation members will also get access to our wellness VIP Area including Dry Sauna, Shock Therapy using both our Hot Spa and Ice Spas at
No Extra Cost


We are conveniently located across the road from the Marrickville Metro Shopping centre on Murray Street, you will find us directly opposite the entry/exit of the shopping centre car park. You won't find a more convenient location for a gym in marrickville then this. The cherry ontop (there's PLENTY of parking!)
Address: 18-22 Murray Street, Marrickville, NSW 2204

Unlimited Sauna Access

Enjoy unlimited access to our VIP Wellness Area


Recover with unlimited access to our Cold and Hot Magnesium Spas

Group fitness

Enjoy a range of classes including Reformer pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Boxing, Cycle, Bootcamp/HIIT, S&C and more!

We've got the tools to give you results!


A Body builders playground!
We’re offering a huge variety of plate loaded equipment for those members who love to push themselves and prefer to lift weights old school.

Seated Row

Hip Thrust

Pendulum Squat

Chest & Decline

Shoulder Press

Reverse Hyper Extension

We’ve got a lot more equipment to show, but we’ll leave that to when you make it in to the club.
Overall we will have over 200 pieces of equipment, you won’t find a more equipped gym.


We’re changing the way you train, by offering amazing technology to track your workouts, offer fully guided workouts and completely assisted training with our first in Australia robotic gym technology.

Fitvisor (Robotic power rack)

Smart Chest Press

Tricep Extension

Integrated Touch Screen


Smart Shoulder Press

Bicep Curl

Smart Leg Press

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Our Story

We looked at everything that’s wrong with the current 24/7 gym model and worked on making it simpler. There are a number of problems with your average gyms which we aim to address with this new fitness concept.

We find that many beginners  and even intermediate gym goers will at some point face some trouble understanding how some machines work, this often times demotivates someone just starting out and pushes people further away from the goal they intended on achieving by signing up to a gym. 

Our Smart gym equipment aims to solve this problem by providing easy to use equipment with fully guided workouts, workout tracking including rep counting, set counting and rest times and automatic assistance to push you to the next level.


Set Goals and monitor progress



With our state of the art equipment, members can monitor body fat percentage for FREE at anytime without the need for consulting a trainer.  We’re also able to run body composition and strength testing so you can know exactly which muscles need some work.

Send us a message through the chat widget to pre-register your interest in our foundation membership offer.  Once we go LIVE we’ll send you an SMS with the link to register.