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Our Story

We looked at everything that’s wrong with the current 24/7 gym model and worked on making it simpler. There are a number of problems with your average gyms which we aim to address with this new fitness concept.

We find that many beginners  and even intermediate gym goers will at some point face some trouble understanding how some machines work, this often times demotivates someone just starting out and pushes people further away from the goal they intended on achieving by signing up to a gym. 

Our Smart gym equipment aims to solve this problem by providing easy to use equipment with fully guided workouts, workout tracking including rep counting, set counting and rest times and automatic assistance to push you to the next level.


Set Goals and monitor progress



With our state of the art equipment, members can monitor body fat percentage for FREE at anytime without the need for consulting a trainer.  We’re also able to run body composition and strength testing so you can know exactly which muscles need some work.

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