To our valued Members,

What a crazy time we are all living in! No one could have possibly anticipated this, but rest assured, we are devastated that our FitFam has been has been so drastically impacted by this.

Even though its only been a day, you are our focus.

You will be receiving updates in the coming days, as the dust continues to settle on this new world we will have to naviagate, atleast for the next few weeks.

Some things we are looking to incorporate will include a shift to online programs, Live virtual Classes and one on one support remotely.

So what does this shutdown mean for us?

Unfortunately for us, we still have some ongoing costs to cover and its not as easy as requesting a freeze. As you may know we are a small family business (Strive is an original concept developed by us, not a large corporate company/franchise) and this shutdown will impact us greatly, we still have rent obligations, staff we need to pay fairly and finances we need to commit to and families we need to support.

As such all memberships will be place on suspension at the rate of $5pw (as per the contract), however we understand that this may not be fair to all our members given it is out everyones control, and many of you will be facing financial hardships at this time aswell. As such we are offering to suspend memberships at no charge.  To opt out of any suspension charges, send us a message using the chat button on the bottom right side.


If you would like to continue to support us in these hard times, no action is required.

If you would like to continue to support us even more, you may also opt in to continue paying your membership rate by filling in the form below
Update (2/04/2020) – I would like to thank all those members who have opted in to continue paying for your membership or the suspension charges (a little goes a long way), thanks to your support we will continue to thrive and support you all the best we can for this community.



Challenge and Classes memberships

For all challenge members and class memberships, we are looking to take to this platform online. Until we have the resources and the platform to fulfill this requirement your membership will be put on the default suspension rate ($5pw) (unless you opt out by filling in the form above). You will be contacted by sms/email before membership charges resume.


For all cancellations, we still require 2 final payments at the membership rate you signed up for (4 weeks notice). If you are on contract cancellation fees are still in effect


We hope all members stay safe, please keep washing those hands, keep good hygeine, keep social distances and hopefully we can crush this virus.

Yours in health,

Chris & Josh

Strive Fitness Management