Important Fitness Passport Update!

Dear Fitness Passport Members
We’ve received word that Fitness Passport will resume from 1st July.
That means from Today you will regain access to our clubs.
To Celebrate we’re offering you the chance to Win Exclusive Prizes with the following 4 Challenges!
*Prizes can be claimed from August 1st, just see staff in store to claim

Starter Challenge -Visit the Gym atleast 5 times in 7 days

Get 5 Visits in the First week and get FREE Merchandise

Get 10 Visits in atleast 14 Days!

Train at least 10 times in 14 days and get WIN a starter supplement and merchandise pack valued at $50
$50 Value!

Train 20 times this month only!

Get Free Merchandise Plus supplements valued at over $100
$120 Value

Train Everyday this Month (atleast 30 visits)

Free Merchanise + Supplement starter Pack valued at over $150!
$180 Value